Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer

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Closing blade and high-speed module
This men’s cordless hair clip is constructed with a stainless steel T-shaped blade for super smooth and tight cutting. Powerful high-speed motors can achieve maximum efficiency and provide excellent sharp performance that motors and stylists are looking for. Precision to the hair lining. Suitable for trimming beards, beards, neck, and rear edges. It can even handle the thickest hair to achieve any hairstyle you want.


Cordless connection capability and usb fast charging
This device is cordless clippers that provide up to 4.5 hours of runtime after a single charge. The supported global voltage makes it ideal for travel and business travel. Use a long-lasting 1400mAh lithium battery to charge via USB. Charge anytime, anywhere.

Smart led display and low noise
has a smart LED display that shows the charging indicator, remaining battery, and selected speed level (4 speeds: 5500, 6000, 6500, and 7000rpm). Control hair speed according to your preferences. At the lowest speed, it only produces 50db, making it ultra-quiet.

Includes accessories
Includes 3 different guide combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm), allowing you to precisely control the length. Remove all guide combs and cut your hair, close to 0.15mm. All items can be easily placed in the attached storage bag, easy to carry, and carry.

World quality
Lifelong care is provided by our professional local US office. This is a favorite gift for friends and family

Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer


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